How to get your first Digital Marketing Client

How to get your first Digital Marketing Client / Job?

Howdy, how are you? First of all a big Thanks for downloading this eBook and a virtual hug, because we all need it now. So let me introduce myself before going any further. I am Megha Jha, an Engineer by education and a Marketing Specialist by profession. Before turning into a full-time Digital marketer I had my own struggles but as they say, hard work and dedication is the key to success. But Digital Deepak motivated me to become a better version of myself.

So what exactly is Digital Marketing in simple terms? Let’s say you have an offline business or your own restaurant. Now you get a lot of local customers who stay nearby, but you want to expand your business by getting more customers daily. How do you exactly do that? By using the power of the internet, so this is where Digital Marketing comes in place. When you show your ads to people online on Google or on Social Media to increase your target audience, it’s known as Digital Marketing.

Now let’s get straight to the point, I have come across a lot of people who say Megha I know Digital Marketing, I mean it’s all over the place and the internet but still I struggle to get my first breakthrough, I mean how do I get a person to hire me for my Digital Marketing skills? This got me thinking that indeed there are a lot of people out there who claim to know Digital Marketing but are unable to convince people to trust them.

So, let me take a real-life example here, suppose you want to take your partner or your parents to a restaurant that has lip-smacking food, how would you really decide it? You will probably Google the reviews or go to check the reviews on Zomato. In either case, you would rely on the people’s opinion to make up your mind or you will call and ask your friends about the best restaurant in town and then make a decision.

Similarly, if you say you know Digital Marketing, you need to prove it, you need to showcase your skills on the internet to build credibility among people. I am sure you know the tactics and the strategies but what are you really doing to show it to the whole world? Digital Marketing is all about hands-on practice. So you need to gain knowledge from various sources out there and implement it every day to become one of the best Digital Marketers.

Now let me help you with some of the best practices to land your first Digital Marketing job or a freelancing client.

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Now first things first, you need a website, yes your read it correct, a functional website, and by functional I don’t mean you need high-level coding to build a website, you can create a simple website from the inbuilt templates present in WordPress which won’t even burn your pocket. Trust me it creates wonders in a long run. It doesn’t matter whether you have a product to sell or not. Your website will speak for itself as a product. When you get traffic to your own website, people will understand that you really know the strategies.

  • Your own website acts as your portfolio.
  • Start writing blogs on your website consistently and bring traffic to your website using Facebook and Google ads.
  • If you are not sure about your niche, try one niche for some time, get stats on how is it performing and then you can switch to another niche if it’s not working as expected, but give it some time first. Nothing happens overnight.

Now you have created your website but you have no idea from where to start. So start by posting about your services on Social Media and other platforms. It will definitely take some time but once it happens, you will be amazed by the result.

  • To start with, create a list of all your family members who might be into business or are planning to launch one.
  • Next, create a list of all your close friends who have a business and need a social presence, or a list of your friends who own even a small business.
  • Get on a one-to-one call with them and explain to them how you can help their business grow digitally.
  • Explain to them the importance of having an online presence for their business.
  • As they are your family members or friends, you don’t need to ask for money, but if you help them building their business online and increasing their sales, you will get credibility, enough to get paid clients eventually.

Leverage Social Media

  • Send out a broadcast message on Whatsapp explaining what you do and how you can help someone scale their online business.
  • Post it on your Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, using good quality hashtags.
  • Tell your friends to spread the word and post it on their accounts too.

WOM Marketing technique

  • Word of Marketing is the best way to get clients in the future. Now let’s have a look at what exactly does WOM mean? Remember the restaurant example, where your friend suggests one of the best restaurants, from the earlier part of this eBook? Well, that is exactly what Word Of Marketing is all about like someone tells you something and you take their word for it because you trust them.
  • Similarly, here in Digital Marketing if one of your clients or customers gives you a positive review, other people will start considering you for their own business.
  • So whenever you help anyone like your friend, relative, or any other client, always tell them to give feedback based on your services.

Cold Calls / Cold Emails

  • Now when you all take admission to a new college or get a new job, you don’t know anywhere there but eventually, you start making colleagues by initiating the conversations, right? Similarly, you need to start the first conversation here also.
  • Now you will tell me, but Megha this is such a piece of absurd advice, I mean who should we contact and how? So, just relax and let me ease your stress a little bit, when you are new to this field you know your end goal like you want to do freelancing or you want to get a job, now whatever your end goal is, your target audience will be decided by that only.
  • So if you want a freelancing gig, start searching the people of your niche on Google, Just Dial, or any social media platform. Now once you get the names of the Business owner, you can directly ping them or even better, search their email id from
  • You can directly search for the companies you want to apply to for getting a job, and you can directly mail their CEO or HR Managers.
  • This tool has a free version too, you can get the verified email IDs and send out an email to your prospects, explaining how you can help them.

Check out the competition

  • Now before pitching your services to your prospect, check out their competition, like whether they have a website, landing page, social media account, etc.
  • Check on how you can help grow their business in comparison to their fellow competitors.
  • Make a small website for them with a direct and clear CTA (Call To Action).
  • Create a landing page for them where they can get leads.

Check Website Quality

  • Whenever you check their websites to see what can be improved, check if the website is secure (SSL certified).
  • Check if it’s functional on mobile and desktop as most people do online shopping from mobile itself.
  • Highlight CTA as it’s the main focus to collect leads.
  • Install Google Analytics to track the performance of the website, so that you will have live data about the audience visiting the website, and then you will get a clear idea about where are they lagging.

Social Media performance check

  • Now last but not least, check their Social Media accounts. Today, social media plays a major part in online business. You need to check if the account tells the brand message clearly, what the brand is all about and how they will help people address their pain points.
  • Check if they respond enough to people’s queries and send quick replies to the customers wanting their products.
  • Check out their hashtags, if they are relevant to the brand name.
  • Work on their highlights section and customer reviews.
  • Create engaging ad copies for their products, to which the target audience can relate.
  • Create a poll once in a while or live Q&A to better understand the audience’s pain points.

Now, guys, I am pretty sure with these strategies you will definitely land yourself a client. And yes do tell me if I was able you help you, even if it was in the smallest possible way.

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